People adore intriguing and unique content, don’t they?

You’ve no doubt read countless articles that state, “the more unique your content is, the more your clients are going to love it.”

Here’s the million-dollar question: How do you make unique content your clients will love?

You have excellent topics, great resources and you’ve written something pretty snazzy, but it just isn’t drawing people in.

Let me tell you a secret: Infographics are the way to go. They’re unique, fun, and help your audience get all of the answers they’re looking for in a short amount of time.

11 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Infographics ASAP

Why should you be investing in infographics for your content marketing strategy? Let me show you some great, powerful reasons why this needs to be a top priority.

1. Infographics Get Significantly More Shares

Infographics are a great way to create awesome content, and they also get shared more than regular posts. It is a major part of visual marketing (which I will get to later), and people love that.

We publish one infographic bi-weekly now for our own blog. We average around 250+ shares on these infographic posts. (When we write a regular blog, we have an average of 20 to 40 shares.) So, our infographics bring about a huge boost to our engagement, and increase our shares significantly, as you can tell. Engagement is a major reason as to why you need to invest in infographics for your marketing strategy.

2. Big Brands Are More Likely to Pick Up Your Infographic.

Another excellent reason to invest in and use infographics is because bigger brands are more likely to pick it up. They might not share a blog you’ve written, but that powerful visual infographic sure can capture their attention.

For example, Hubspot recently picked up on of our infographics on content marketing budgets, sharing it on its own site. Seeing this large brand pick up one of our very own infographics was definitely a highlight for me, and I am even more so a believer in the power of infographics.

When you start creating your own, you might just see bigger brands within your industry doing the same thing for your business. Isn’t that exciting? And as bigger brands begin showcasing your infographics, the more traffic you are likely to see.

3. People Love Visual Marketing.

Remember how I said earlier that people love visual marketing? Well, they do. And this is why you absolutely must invest in an infographic.

When you create infographics, you don’t just have to share them on your blog. In fact, you can share them on social media as I look at in my next point.

And did you know that tweets with images see significantly higher engagement? Tweets with images see 18 percent more clicks, as well as 89 percent more in favorites, and 150 percent more retweets.

Using your infographic as your tweet’s image will definitely bring in some great results.

4. Infographics are Perfect for Social Media Content.

Coming up with great new social media content can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you want to share something out of the box.

Sharing something unique is a great way to get more views and clicks, but just what can you share? Well, infographics really do make for some great social media content.

You can break down a larger infographic into smaller sections to share throughout the week and month. However, most suggest that you just share the entire infographic. Choose whichever you think your audience would most like to see.

5. Infographics Can Up the Number of Views You Receive.

Infographics give you excellent, compelling visual content pieces, helping you boost your engagement and views.

Just how much can an infographic boost your views? According to Sam Kusinitz from Hubspot, when you utilize intriguing visual content like an infographic, you can increase your views by 94 percent.

Now who wouldn’t want to increase their views by 94 percent? That’s quite a significant number.

Are you beginning to see why infographics are so important to your content strategy? I sure hope so.

6. You Can Grow Your Audience and Followers.

Kusinitz, from Hubspot, also says in his article you can expect to see a 37 percent increase in engagement with your audience.

People are significantly more likely to interact when they can see or visualize something. It helps them understand your point easier. Many might even be in a more charitable, engagement-producing mood because of how easy infographics are to scan.

Whatever the reason, people will end up interacting with you more when you share an infographic on your social channels or your blog.

7. Infographics Can Make a lot of Information Less Overwhelming.

Have you ever located a blog that sounded super interesting? You could tell, “Man, I’m going to get a lot of valuable info from this!”

However, you click the link, look at the blog and realize that you are suddenly overwhelmed with all the content. Long-form content is great and, in fact, is something you should be writing.

With an infographic, though, you are given the chance to break it down and make your content less overwhelming.

This can greatly encourage your audience to read the content piece to learn what they want without them needing to set aside time to absorb the information. And as we’ve established, the easier it is to understand and quicker it is to read, the more likely people are to share.

8. They are ‘Portable’ aka Easier to Embed on Other Sites

We all love portable things, don’t we? Our phones are easier to carry now, we can travel with an entire library in our small carry on, and laptop computers are the norm for the workplace. But our love of portability doesn’t end with the latest technology and device out there.

No, no. In fact, one of the reasons, according to Jeff Bullas, people love infographics is because they’re portable.

This means that they are easier to share over social media, but they are also easier to embed. When you create an infographic, you should always add an embedded code because people will want to grab it and share it on their own site.

The more people can do this, the more likely they are to share your content in multiple places. 

9. People are More Likely to Contact Your Business After Seeing an Image

Infographics aren’t just for businesses that aim to sell online-only products or services. In fact, images can greatly impact how many people will look up and contact a local business for whatever the customer’s need is.

Roughly 60 percent of people say they are significantly more likely to contact a business with clear, detailed images. And this also works with infographics.

You get the chance to tell people something, making it actionable, which in turn encourages them to contact your business. Infographics can really help your local search results, and help you bring in more customers to your physical shop.

10. They Help You Build a Strong Audience

Blogger Heidi Cohen points out that visuals in your content marketing can help you build a strong audience.

This works with regular images of your products, behind-the-scenes elements, and any other image you want to share. It also works with infographics.

Take advantage of the fact that you can easily meld awesome visuals with great, short content blurbs in infographics to provide excellent content for your readers.

Remember earlier when I said shares would increase when you post infographics? Well, this will also lead to awesome audience growth!

11. Infographics Can Help You Improve Your Content Marketing

As you begin to share infographics, you will begin to see more and more what your clients want.

You can see how well people interact with your visual content, as well as which pieces are shared most. You will be able to refine your content strategy, ensuring you reach what your clients want and need easily.

And you can give it to them in an awesome, easy to scan format by putting it into a super cool infographic.

Provide A Stunning Visual Infographic: Click-Click-Click Goes the Mouse

Just by adding infographics to your content strategy, you are opening your site up to more clicks and increased traffic. Yes, it’s really that simple.

People definitely love images, cute graphics, and learning information quickly, which is exactly what infographics provide.


Source: Tina Courtney

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